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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Animated short-film produced in The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark. By The Animation Workshop, Nicobis, Escorzo, and the Community of Bolivians Animators and is supported by the Danish Government. Animated by 8 bolivians animators, directed by a french, music by the bolivian embessador in France, composed by another french, a danish project, hepled for the production by a mexican and german. Adaptaded from mito ayoreo.

When Abuela Grillo sings, rain comes. That day, she has been mistreated by the country farmers because of her singing a bit too much. She decides to leave.

"I remember my first vision of the main character was that she should be very touching and that we should care for her with our heart ..." - Denis Chapon, Producer

This lovely animation is an adaptation of an indigenous Bolivian legend from the Ayoreos, as well as a testament to the struggle for water rights in Bolivia and worldwide.

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